Writer of Horse Words


Commissions are currently CLOSED until current projects make appropriate headway.

Hello there! If you have come this far, odds are that you already know who I am and there is some reason you wanted to contact me to do business!

But if that is not the case allow me to introduce myself!

I am NameUndetermined.


25 y/o

And I write as a hobby and aspire to do so one day as a profession! At the moment, I am indulging my passion for writing through the medium of My Little Pony: FiM fanfiction, or FiMFiction as some might call it.

Comission Prices

Commissions are a flat 1 Dollar U.S. for every 100 Words.
Bulk purchases of 4000 words or more get a discount of 17 Dollars for every 2000 words.
There is no price difference between SFW and NSFW Content.
I will not write about real people. Deadass.
My DMs are a Judgement Free Zone. I may refuse your commission based on not feeling comfortable with particularly contentious subject matters or situations, but I will be as polite and professional as our interactions will allow at all times.

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